Wednesday, January 11, 2012


24th Polar Libraries Colloquy, June 11-14, 2012:
Cold Regions: Pivot Points, Focal Points

First call for submission of proposals for papers and panel sessions for the 24th Polar Libraries Colloquy (PLC24) to be held the 11th through 14th of June 2012 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

The conference theme is Cold Regions: Pivot Points, Focal Points. Scientists, economists, and governments are focused on the evolving role of polar regions in world affairs. Polar libraries are evolving as well. What changes have you noticed in your collections, focus, or administration as global attention pivots on the poles? The Colloquy will feature a number of interesting presentations and panels, an experiment with an “unconference” session to address practical problems in polar libraries, and a field trip to one of the coldest labs in the world.

PLC24 welcomes all topics that apply to polar libraries or information.  For instance:
    * How has your institution/collection/staff/mission/audience evolved?
    * Preservation of the cultural heritage - collection management of photographs, films and oral recordings
    * Has your research focus changed?
    * Outreach of libraries and archives - use of new technologies for teaching and public interactions
    * New ways of bringing your collections to the masses
    * New ways of bringing the masses to your collections
    * Adapting the library to 21st century needs
    * Data and metadata curation
    * Collaborations and exchanges
Or suggest your own topic for a session!

Submissions are invited for papers, panel discussions, and posters.

Paper presentations should address recently conducted research or projects, or content that advances the field of polar libraries or information.  They are typically 20 minutes in length, followed by a 10-minute period for questions.

Panel discussions should focus on current topics; they are ordinarily an hour in length with three to five participants.

Poster presentations should address products or projects such as databases, web sites, or other information tools.

Your paper or panel discussion proposal should include:
- Your name and email address
- Coauthors or presenters (if applicable). Panel proposals should list a chair but do not need a complete list of panelists at this stage.
- Title
- Abstract of 500 words or less

PLEASE NOTE: Conference registration is required in order to present a paper. The PLC Steering Committee may be able to assist with some costs via the Wenger Award.

TIMELINE for paper or panel discussion proposals:

16 March 2012          Submissions deadline
13 April 2012         Acceptance notification
5 June 2012        Powerpoint and other visual presentations to be sent to conveners for loading on conference computers

Please submit all proposals to:

Proceedings of the conference will be published online.  Paper authors will be expected to submit a final version of their papers for publication within six weeks after the conclusion of the conference.

We look forward to your participation.
- Gloria Hicks
- Allaina Wallace
- Shelly Sommer
PLC24 conveners